Trends in the New Economy: All of the Above

CalendarFebruary 4, 2023

The events of the past decade or more have changed the way we live, shop, work, and conduct our businesses. It could be argued that change is a constant, but repercussions are more far-reaching in our interconnected global economy.

Through the lens of global market dynamics, Corpay Cross-Border is embarking on an exploration of what comes next: how our world — and the global economy — have changed and how we have changed along with it.

There’s no going back to ‘normal’. This is just what normal is now. We are in an ‘all-of-the-above’ economy…changeable and unpredictable, presenting new challenges and new opportunities for businesses across the globe.

How do we make sense of it? How can we help you navigate uncertainty?

We reached out to Corpay Cross-Border colleagues across a range of disciplines to help us understand the trends shaping the future of global business and the payments business in particular. We spoke to deep thinkers, creators, doers, problem solvers, and unsung heroes for their thoughts and observations.

We’re proud to share our first compilation with you, covering these topics and more:

  • The next frontier in global payments: new technologies and tools

  • The evolution of strategic partnerships: technology is just the beginning

  • The state of globalisation: not dead yet, but will likely look different in the years to come

  • The future of work: maintaining productivity and collaboration with remote and hybrid workforces, and the changing role of ‘the office’

  • New normal, or just normal: how do we define ‘normal’ in a changing—and changed—world

Explore Trends in the New Economy: All of the Above

If you’d like to speak to a Corpay Cross-Border specialist about what’s coming next, how to build resilience into your payments planning, set budget rates or navigate volatile FX markets so that you can adapt and thrive, get in touch with us directly.

Thank you! We hope you find value in these conversations.


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