Keeping currency risk under control

At Corpay, we help you stay ahead of changes in the FX markets, connecting you with the tools you need to efficiently move money across borders while keeping currency risk under control.

Currency Risk Management by Corpay | FX risk management
Currency Risk Management by Corpay | FX risk management

Mitigate currency risk with confidence

Foreign exchange movements can have a devastating impact on your bottom line. Our solutions are designed to effectively protect your cashflows – helping your business grow internationally. We work with you to develop a deep understanding of how your business operates and help you execute a strategy to reduce foreign exchange exposure, potentially enhancing participation in favorable market moves. Managing unexpected shifts in foreign exchange markets requires vigilance, but can ultimately put a foundation in place for global growth for your organization.

Currency risk management tools you need

Whether you’re running a small- or mid-sized business, a multinational corporation or an organization with international partners, effective currency risk management can be key to prospering in a volatile foreign exchange market, and can furnish you with benefits such as these:

Effectively protect your cashflows

Reduce Risk: Utilize a wide range of hedging tools to protect earnings amid changing markets and evolving business conditions

Retain Flexibility: Settle trades in deliverable or cash terms, deliver early, or extend and roll contracts as needed to manage changing cashflow dynamics

Capitalize on Opportunities: Protect your bottom line, while providing participation in favorable currency movements

Maintain Liquidity: No initial deposit on FX hedges and accommodative mark-to-market thresholds so that you can effectively deploy your cash in your business

Operate globally, confidently

Harness Volatility: Place automated limit orders to protect a budget rate or capitalize on favorable moves in the currency market

Maximize Participation: Leverage a wide range of strategies to protect against adverse currency changes, while providing potential participation in favorable exchange rate moves

Leverage Technology: Monitor markets, place trades, and settle payments in more than 145 currencies – all on one integrated platform

Gain Visibility: Access a full suite of reporting tools, designed to provide real-time information on your current and past transactions

Our currency hedging process

To help you establish a risk profile, including goals, thresholds and budget rates, amongst many other considerations, we deploy a four-step process we call C.A.S.E.. It’s designed to help you quantify currency exposure, identify potential risk, create a hedging policy, and optimize market entry on a dynamic basis It follows this process:

  • Capture foreign currency exposures

  • Analyze your currency risk and assess risk appetite

  • Strategize to develop a hedging policy and approach aligned to your unique business needs

  • Execute a dynamic hedging strategy that helps you achieve your business goals

Managing your hedging strategy can be complex, and currency volatility or unexpected market movements can negatively impact your bottom line. Our disciplined process helps you assess all of the relevant factors, in addition to furnishing you with other benefits such as:

  • Establishing a dynamic hedging policy, which may provide assistance in optimizing market entry on an ongoing basis

  • An approach that couples technical analysis and modelling with an individualized approach

  • Helping you implementing a strategy tailored to your business goals and risk appetite

  • A strategy that is flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions, as well as to your needs

  • Powerful, adaptable, and cost-effective technology tools supported by qualitative analysis

The global economy. At your fingertips.

Corpay Currency Research is a free and exclusive site designed to help our clients and partners gain access to breaking market news, macroeconomic insight, and longer-term analysis on the world’s biggest economies. Our Currency Research experts are delivering foreign exchange-specific news, macroeconomic analysis, and market intelligence, connecting you with hundreds of data series and analyses from the front lines of the global economy, and a feed curated to deliver breaking news headlines from currency markets.

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