Global invoice automation

Automate your accounts payable, place your international payment workload in good hands.

Our solution allows you to process international payments directly from invoices, spreadsheets, or documents, improving your overall accounts payable process.

Global international invoice automation by Corpay
Global international invoice automation by Corpay
Invoice processing

Guaranteed competitive exchange

Take advantage of our integrated hedging, which eliminates the pressure to send funds immediately. We extract data directly from your original documents and connect you with competitive exchange rates that guarantee the FX rate from the time your invoices are submitted, until you ultimately remit the underlying payment.

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Our process workflow

Upon receipt of invoices, we extract data, screen for compliance purposes, apply a fixed exchange rate, and immediately send a file for systems integration - all while setting up the international payment to be made anytime.

Direct Invoice Processing

Data extraction and entry

Payment Risk Assessment

Document review for sanctions compliance

Systems Integration

Exchange rate applied & data file sent

Payment & Remittance

Settlement details and reconciliation

5 Reasons to automate your global invoices

1.A simplified payment process

An end-to-end solution that sorts, processes, and stores all payables information in one secure location, combining data processing with validation, approval routing and system integration, reporting and beneficiary management into one solution.

2.Money and time saved

Low productivity, high invoicing costs, lack of in-house international banking expertise, and added risk of currency fluctuations can all cost money or hours of labor – mitigate them with invoice automation, eliminating manual entry and exchange rate fluctuation risk.

3.Fully customizable

A tailored and fully customizable approach to fit each business specifically, with a platform to support fully automated reporting, can work off whatever materials are provided and within whatever time frame is needed.

4.Fixed pay dates and exchange rates

Choose to pay invoices immediately or set a future payables date, depending on cash flow, or opt for a fixed exchange rate for six months, so you don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations or rush to pay vendors.

5.Make room for new important tasks in accounting departments

Speed up processing and adding more control in ways that are not possible in a manual, paper-based process, allowing your accounting professionals to switch their focus away from daily administrative tasks, to more important analyses.

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