Improve overall efficiency and accuracy of AP workflows

Corpay Procure-to-Pay optimizes accounts payable workflows with scheduled payments, automated approvals, and real-time tracking, empowering better cash flow management and more informed financial decisions. Integrated into our Corpay Complete platform, our cutting-edge technology automates all invoice, purchase order, and payment processes, revolutionizing your vendor payment practices.

Customizable solutions to scale with your business

Procure-to-pay solutions are modular for your business’s needs. Choose a module below to learn more.


Purchase order automation


Invoice automation


Payments automation


Add-on modules


Vendor management

Purchase order automation

Increase visibility into your procurement processes to control costs, reduce errors, and improve vendor relationships. By eliminating paper-based purchase orders (POs), you ensure your AP team is always in-the-know.

Create POs and customize approval workflows.

  • Increase efficiency by submitting POs through the proper approval channels or through designated system rules

  • Maximize real-time visibility and control with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to extract invoice data and automatically match invoices to specific POs

  • Promote collaboration by incorporating vendor-specific POs, blanket POs, multi-vendor POs, and more

  • Request and approve POs on-the-go with our mobile interface capabilities

  • Punchout - Purchase directly from online vendors with our punchout integration, and fulfill orders to employees regardless of location

Invoice automation

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone invoice processes. By optimizing your invoicing workflows, your AP team can expedite payments, offer more payment options, and improve cash flow.

Capture invoices electronically with leading invoice data extraction accuracy.

  • Increase efficiency by automatically capturing invoices in a centralized platform and immediately routing them for approvals

  • Improve accuracy by leveraging AI and ML to automatically extract data from invoices of all types while coding them and identifying duplicates

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP and accounting software for a complete view of all spend history

  • Gain greater visibility by generating reports and dashboards across your entire AP process

  • Take advantage of all available discounts and manage outbound cash flows with comprehensive software

Payments automation

Streamline your payment processes and boost efficiency by automating your vendor payments. With a single workflow for all payment types, you can maintain full control over your cash flow while effortlessly maximizing rebate opportunity.

Initiate 100% of your payment approval and execution workflows through our user-friendly interface.

  • Make payments more agile with real-time payments in 145 currencies

  • Gain greater control by utilizing multiple payment options, including virtual card, ACH, next-day ACH, wire, SWIFT, EFT, and check

  • Streamline your team’s productivity by integrating with almost any banking partner or ERP

  • Boost fraud protection with increased authorization rates on every payment

  • Approve payments on the go by using desktop and mobile interfaces

  • Enjoy world-class customer service with 24/7/365 in-house support from payment experts

  • Utilize secure, single-use virtual cards to enhance efficiency, pay quickly, and earn monthly cash rebates

Vendor management

With improved vendor onboarding, communication, and visibility, you can manage key relationships more effectively. This optimization streamlines complex and time-consuming workflows.

Automate an end-to-end solution for your entire vendor lifecycle.

  • Simplify and automate vendor onboarding – which results in less time spent on vendor communication – with self-service onboarding, including the ability to upload banking information and update W-9s and W-8BENs

  • Shorten due diligence processes with clear visibility of customer records and historical accrual estimates

  • Provide vendors with real-time visibility of all invoice and payment statuses via the self-service portal

  • Gain total visibility and control over your entire vendor portfolio

  • Communicate with vendors in a controlled environment to reduce emails and store a complete historical archive of all communications

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