Improve overall efficiency and accuracy of AP workflows

For companies seeking more robust options for efficient vendor payments, Corpay AP & Invoice Automation offers the ability to schedule payments, automate approvals, and track payment statuses in real time. With our automation, you can gain greater control over your cash flow, make more informed financial decisions, and improve your bottom line.

Through our world-class technology that automates all processing workflows, saves time, and cuts costs, your company can modernize the way your AP team pays vendors. Our in-house experts ensure seamless implementation with industry-leading, ERP-agnostic integration.

Customizable solutions to scale with your business

Corpay AP & Invoice Automation solutions are customizable to fit your business's needs.

Choose a module below to learn more.

Corpay Invoice Automation

Eliminate manual data entry that leads to delays, duplicate payments, and unhappy vendors. Corpay Invoice Automation provides real-time visibility so you can create more efficient workflows, better manage cash flow, and eliminate fraudulent activities.

Move your invoicing process from manual to modern.

  • Improve invoice data input accuracy and eliminate manual, paper-based invoice processing   

  • Integrate solutions seamlessly by automatically syncing invoice data to your existing ERP 

  • Increase efficiency by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automatically extract data from invoices to then code and route the invoice to the appropriate approvers 

  • Improve accuracy through the module’s support of all file types, foreign language data extractions, and 2- and 3-way PO matching scenarios

  • Benefit from convenience by accessing all invoices from your mobile device or desktop

  • Enjoy world-class support with 24/7/365 expert customer service

Corpay Payments Automation

Simplify your payment processes by combining all check, ACH, and card transactions into one file. Corpay Payments Automation is ERP-agnostic, and allows your business to maximize working capital, earn unlimited rebates, and save valuable time and money.

Put your payments – not your AP team – to work.

  • Boost efficiency with single-workflow payments made in real time

  • Mitigate fraud through our comprehensive security and compliance infrastructure

  • Impact your bottom line with monthly cash rebates

  • Save your AP team hours with hassle-free, automated vendor payments 

  • Outsource data management and vendor support tasks

  • Enhance payment security and reduce fraud risk on all payments and payment types

Self-service vendor portal

Promote positive vendor relationships by getting ahead of status, payment, and dispute resolutions. Our self-service vendor portal eases resource-intensive processes to increase on-time payments and overall satisfaction.

Enhance vendor visibility and data storage.

  • Improve communication by allowing suppliers to track orders, view real-time statuses, submit invoices, and perform other necessary tasks

  • Reduce errors and delays by collecting and validating IRS and VAT tax IDs and maintaining W-9s and W8 Bens

  • Increase vendor satisfaction with accessible, on-the-go transparency and faster dispute resolution

  • Automatically sync data with your ERP so your team won’t have to manually enter vendor information

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