2022 Global Payments Survey Report

CalendarOctober 4, 2022

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Financial supply chains continue to expand globally. Concurrently, global payment activity is also growing rapidly for many organizations and can represent a more challenging aspect of their financial operations. Having numerous systems, multiple banks, and various payment types and currencies to support are all further complications posed by new payment methods and payment rails that are springing up in nearly every jurisdiction.

This Global Payments Survey Report covers key elements from our 2022 research. This survey explored global payment topics including cross-border and FX operations, compliance and security, faster payments, spending plans on payment technology, and elements of increasing complexity.

Over 230 payment and treasury professionals from across the globe participated in this research and took the lengthy survey (over 80 questions). Over 45% of respondents had operations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America, reflecting expansive businesses and highlighting another aspect of the complexity of global payments.

These areas are both important and interesting for the payment professional, treasury expert, and banker. As we sifted through a mountain of data and key points, we enjoyed the process of identifying several key storylines that summarize the findings from this year’s study.