How to Prepare for Accounts Payable Automation

CalendarJune 9, 2022

After years of steady but slow growth, AP departments are racing to automate. 

71% of AP departments have plans to automate.

What’s behind the sudden spike in AP automation adoption?  AP leaders want to:

  • Better support remote staff.

  • Do more with less.

  • Provide decision-makers with better visibility.

  • Mitigate the risk of payment fraud.

Technologies such as invoice capture, workflow automation, and electronic payments can enable AP departments of all sizes achieve these benefits by eliminating manual, paper-based processes. 

But like most projects, preparation is key to AP automation success.

IOFM’s latest white paper provides a blueprint for preparing your AP department for automation.  It lays out the steps an AP department should take to ensure that its automation is a success.

If automation is in your AP department’s plans, download this white paper today.