The Definitive Guide to Guiding Electronic Payment Adoption

CalendarAugust 25, 2023

With an ever-growing number of payment options on the market, choosing the right method for vendor transactions is essential to ensuring strong relationships, timely and accurate transactions, maximized returns, and mitigation of fraud risk. In transitioning your vendors to virtual card, the conversations you have about payment adoption and implementation will be key to your success. Join us for our webinar, “The Definitive Guide to Driving Electronic Payment Adoption,” where we will provide practical insights and guidance to overcome obstacles, foster productive communication, and encourage vendor acceptance of virtual cards. 

During this webinar, we will cover the following key topics:

  • Addressing common challenges faced by companies when discussing virtual cards with vendors

  • Overcoming objections related to fees and effectively conveying the benefits of payment adoption

  • Initiating conversations with vendors to establish positive, long-lasting relationships

  • Implementing proven steps to drive payment adoption and streamline transactions

  • And more!

Our industry experts will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the best strategies to drive vendor acceptance, including how Corpay can help you further optimize the way your business pays.