Finding and Understanding the True Cost of Payments

CalendarDecember 1, 2022

If your company makes or receives payments, your main priority for 2023 should be completely moving from a manual process to true payment automation. 

Because true automation bridges the gap from complex approval workflows, multiple locations and bank accounts to providing a single integrated payment run with no more management of payment methods.

This webcast will teach you how to determine the true costs of payment for your company, starting with addressing the top five operational efficiencies that will make an impact on your bottom line.

Watch this recorded webcast if you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • Do I know what your true transaction costs per payment are?

  • How do I automate without losing control of my vendor payments?

  • Does automation mean I need less AP staff?

  • How much time is needed from my IT staff to successfully automate?

  • What will I really gain by automating my AP payments?

Corpay Panelist and Host: Mark Penserini, VP, Partner Management