What NGOs Should be Asking their Payments Providers

CalendarFebruary 7, 2024

International non-profits and non-governmental organizations are involved in critical work across the globe, often in emerging markets. There are challenges unique to the field, including secure payments processing (often for high volumes), high fees and opaque exchange rates, data management and security considerations, regulatory and compliance alignment, and strict reporting requirements.

Given that, how does an NGO choose a payments provider? What should NGOs be asking their payments provider? What are the most common questions we’ve heard from NGOs and non-profit clients, and what should they consider when partnering with a payment provider? Asking the right questions can be critical.

In this episode of FX in Focus, those burning questions are answered by Corpay’s Casey Rollins, Director, NGO Vertical, North America, and Roy Farah, SVP Global Payment Solutions. Tune in, to hear Casey and Roy dive in, and share touching stories of global impact beyond business.

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