FX in Focus | EP48

The thin ice of legacy security systems

CalendarDecember 5, 2023

Tune into our latest podcast episode, where we discuss the challenges that are well-known in security circles, but that many companies aren’t keeping up with regularly. Join the conversation with Linda Hu, Director of Global IT compliance at FLEETCOR Technologies., Inc. Linda highlights the common notion that companies often use outdated systems or depend on outdated support contracts, but what they may not be aware of are the vulnerabilities and technical debt they could be getting themselves into!

In this episode, we ask the payments security questions that companies sending funds should be asking: Why is it important to update legacy systems and invest in security measures? What are best practices companies should follow? What’s the average ‘shelf life’ for security software? How often should teams patch test their systems? And finally, can people afford not to stay up to date?

Listen now to learn how to navigate legacy security systems better and avoid skating on thin ice.

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