FX in Focus | EP47

Managing Risk in Uncertain Times

CalendarNovember 15, 2023

Tune into our latest podcast, where we take a dive into the state of current geopolitical affairs and how global events have impacted the intricacies of the business market shifts in the UK.

Join the conversation with Daryl Hood, Senior Director of EMEA Sales and Dealing, and Trevor Charsley, Chief Technology Strategies at Corpay. They engage in a fruitful discussion about the current geopolitical situation and the major challenges for international business, current market vulnerability, and what their predictions are as we approach 2024.

Trevor and Daryl share the results of a short survey they recently conducted with their clients to gauge their biggest challenges of 2023; and what their clients are thinking, planning, and looking forward to in the next year. They touch upon main themes from their survey findings, among those being continued rising costs, high inflation, and geopolitical tensions.

Tune in to hear the conversation on managing risk and creating more certainty in uncertain times.

Please note any rates or figures mentioned in this week’s podcast were accurate and correct as of 31 November 2023.

The opinions expressed on FX in Focus News & Views are those of the speakers only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Corpay or FLEETCOR Technologies Inc.

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