FX in Focus | EP37

Inspiring Women: Fostering Growth and Opportunity in Fintech

CalendarMarch 8, 2023

In this special podcast episode for International Women’s Day, we speak with Raquel Adamschek, Managing Director, North America, and Rhonda Power, SVP, Global Enterprise Management at Corpay Cross-Border. Our conversation centers on their career paths, their experiences as women in positions of leadership in Sales and in the FinTech industry overall. Rhonda and Raquel answer questions that are relevant to leadership, mentorship and why more women are needed in the areas of Sales and FinTech. They both share insightful tidbits of advice for young women in school and for those growing their careers. In addition, they collectively forecast what is to come in the industry and where we are heading!


  • 1:23 – Describe the path that led you to the fintech industry. What role did your higher education play?

  • 2:56 – Do you have mentors who supported your vision and inspired your personal growth along the way?

  • 8:52 – In the spirit of International Women's Day, why should more women go into sales? Which skills should women build if they're interested in joining the field?

  • 11:50 – It seems that there are generally fewer women than men in leadership positions in sales. Tell us about your experience in developing your role as a leader in this field.

  • 13:39 – In general there is a difference when it comes to effective successful collaboration styles amongst teams and we know that there is a difference between how women lead and how men lead. How have you utilized or nurtured these skills within your team?

  • 15:16 – What evolutions have you seen in the fintech industry in general?

  • 16:41 – Where do you forecast that the industry might be heading, and what are some of the most important industry trends that you suggest we consider or keep an eye out for?

  • 18:51 – Your team has been compared to an orchestra of sorts, with every team member coming together to provide an essential service. Which instrument do you play in this symphony?

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