Fintech in Focus | EP34

Global Entertainment Post-Pandemic and Pre-Downturn

CalendarDecember 1, 2022

The Entertainment industry in the face of adversity has proven adaptable despite various hurdles. Consumers witnessed the impact from the outside, as the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered film production and caused live concerts and touring to come to a halt. In this episode, we speak to Michael Bourke, Director of Enterprise Sales, and Brent Clackson, Regional Director of Entertainment and Media Sales at Corpay Cross-Border. 


  • 1:16 – How has the industry changed and what Entertainment Managers need to look out for?

  • 4:34 – Most significant and notable societal and industry shifts

  • 7:37 – How business operations been affected and adapted various hurdles

  • 9:15 – Will business return to ‘business as usual’? – Michael’s perspective

  • 11:21 – Reconnecting and rebuilding relationships with people at events

  • 12:58 – Virtual work environments impact the industry

  • 16:50 – What learnings can non-animated product take from animation and CGI?

  • 17:46 – In the face of a looming recession, more currency volatility, global hotspots, and tensions, What does the future of the global entertainment business look like?

  • 18:42 – Will business return to ‘business as usual’? – Brent’s perspective

  • 19:42 - As credit gets tighter, interest rates and inflation are rising, money is more expensive. Are there new financial players coming in from unexpected places?

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