Fintech in Focus | EP31

Stay a step ahead: Squashing cyberthreats in the workplace

CalendarSeptember 29, 2022

Cyber security has an essential role in keeping businesses around the world safe – now more than ever the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access is crucial. Companies need to ensure all their systems, network and data and infrastructure is safe and secure.

In this episode, we speak to Tehzeeb Merchant, IT compliance and Risk Specialist and explore emerging cyber security trends, threats, vulnerabilities, and various ways to stay vigilant – both in business and privately.


  • 1:08 – Explanation of cybersecurity

  • 2:43 – Who is responsible for cybersecurity

  • 3:27 – Common types of cybersecurity attacks

  • 4:58 – What is cybersecurity risk assessment

  • 6:31 – Different frameworks with highly diverse lexicons and conceptual structures

  • 8:51 – Why is risk and identity management important in the realm of cybersecurity

  • 9:58 – Important aspect of cryptography

  • 10:52 – Three challenges within the realm of cyber security

  • 14:06 – Indicators of compromise that organizations should monitor

  • 15:08 – Basic and primary prevention tips

  • 17:58 – Trends and events in the cyber world

  • 19:40 – Training and practices for staying security savvy

  • 20:59 ­­­– Why is a good cybersecurity essential for any business?

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