Corpay Cross-Border Announces New Collaboration with Integrated Liquidity Solutions

CalendarApril 10, 2024

TORONTO, ON (April 10, 2024) – Corpay, Inc., (NYSE: CPAY) a global leader in corporate payments, is pleased to announce that Corpay’s Cross-Border business has entered into a new collaboration with Integrated Liquidity Solutions, LLC (“ILS”).

Through this collaboration, ILS’ US customers will gain access to and utilize Corpay Cross Border’s innovative solutions to help mitigate foreign exchange exposure from their day-to-day business needs. Additionally, Corpay Cross-Border’s award-winning trading platform will enable their customers to manage their global payments from a single point of access.

“Corpay Cross-Border is very pleased to announce our commercial collaboration with Integrated Liquidity Solutions. I have no doubt that Integrated Liquidity Solutions’ customer base, headquartered predominately in the United States, but with global operations, will benefit greatly from our specialized service and access to our comprehensive cross-border payments and currency risk management solutions,” said Brad Loder, VP, Cross-Border Marketing, Corpay Cross-Border Solutions. “The team at Corpay Cross-Border is excited to build long term business partnerships with Integrated Liquidity Solutions customers in order to power their international payments, execute plans to manage their currency risk and support their growth internationally.”

“We are excited to partner with Corpay Cross-Border and bring their extensive global payments knowledge and expertise to our Integrated Liquidity Solutions clients. We look forward to being able to benefit more commercial businesses, banks and third-party payment companies as a result of this partnership,” added Alvin Givens, CEO & CRO at Integrated Liquidity Solutions.

About Corpay

Corpay, Inc. (NYSE: CPAY) is a global S&P500 corporate payments company that helps businesses and consumers pay expenses in a simple, controlled manner. Corpay, Inc. suite of modern payment solutions helps its customers better manage vehicle-related expenses (such as fueling and parking), travel expenses (e.g. hotel bookings) and payables (e.g. paying vendors). This results in our customers saving time and ultimately spending less.

Global businesses and institutions trust our Corpay Cross-Border solutions to power their international payments, execute plans to manage their currency risk and support their growth around the world. We aim to deliver unmatched service and expertise with respect to moving money globally.

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About Integrated Liquidity Solutions, LLC

Integrated Liquidity Solutions is a premier consulting and process outsourcing firm specializing in payments and treasury operations. We empower businesses with extensive payment volumes and complexity to maximize efficiencies of high throughput payments, optimize net working capital, and enhance cash flow.

We excel in delivering measurable financial outcomes by providing strategic guidance and implementing innovative process enhancements, cutting-edge technology and superior outsourcing solutions across treasury and payment operations. To learn more visit

Corpay Cross-Border Contact:

Brad Loder

VP, Cross-Border Marketing

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Integrated Liquidity Solutions Media Contact:

Alvin Givens


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