Innovation during a downturn: Accomplishing more with less

CalendarJuly 13, 2023

Corinne MacMillan is Chief Product Officer for Corpay Cross-Border Solutions. In her global role, she is the lead architect for Corpay’s technology stack, including the customer-facing online platforms and integrated API solutions, and the functions clients do not see: the trading platform, the payments rails, recording and tracking, the onboarding process, and ensuring all the pieces of the technology infrastructure fit together.

In our conversation with Corinne, she describes her vision for Corpay’s technology. It is ambitious, intuitive and above all, client centric. The goal is to build premium products for the future and to provide tailored solutions for each client.

Corinne offers a look at the inner workings of a FinTech with the soul of a traditional FX payments and risk management specialist, dedicated to providing personalized and flexible solutions to help clients seize opportunities and build resilience in a changing global economy.

The secret of effective technology solutions, including those enabling cross-border payments, is to ensure they can to operate seamlessly without any bumps or friction.

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