Vendor Management

Our Connections vendor management portal reduces the burden associated with the manual process of collecting and verifying payees’ banking information by allowing them to securely provide their details.

Extend a frictionless handshake to your payees through our secure channel

Corpay’s vendor management portal, Cross-Border Connections, is designed to help you solve common challenges associated with maintaining and managing your payees’ bank information for future payment transactions. Our portal helps to ensure your payees are paid on time and securely, giving them control over their banking information and gaining greater transparency regarding payments sent to them through Corpay.

A simple platform to overcome payment obstacles

  • Improve efficiency by reducing payment errors and overhead for your accounts payable team when managing your payees’ information

  • Facilitate the streamlined collection and maintenance of banking information with a user-friendly interface

  • Enroll individual payees simply and securely by sending them email invitations for collecting contact and banking information directly from the portal, via a unique login

  • Scale your business with a practical solution that enables your payees to be more self-sufficient

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