Payment Tracking

Track your payment from the moment it is booked and when it leaves Corpay, to when it reaches the beneficiary’s bank.

A new era of payment transparency

Payments GPS is our proprietary payment tracking technology that provides real-time status updates for cross-border payments by leveraging SWIFT GPI technology. Now you can track your payments from initiation to settlement, and reliably monitor each step of the payment process. You get full insight into bank fees or any charges. You now have greater control over exception handling, leading to reduced investigation time and costs, while also reducing the risk of fraudulent payments.

Access critical payment data in real-time

  • Access to secure, comprehensive, and reliable payment information, such as BIC codes, received and released dates, deductions, FX rates, and credited amount

  • Real-time tracking to ensure visibility into the payment’s successful delivery, as well as improved exception handling and reduced investigation times

  • An added benefit is that Payments GPS API can be integrated to provide payment tracking functionality directly from your application

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