ERP Integration

Do you currently make redundant manual payment entries in your payments platform that duplicate entries in your ERP platform?

Designed to improve your AP efficiency

Doing manual lifting in order to process payments can be time consuming and costly - both for your AP department and in terms of the lateral cost of incorrectly entered information leading to missing or delayed payments. Our integration allows you to pay your vendors and reconcile with your ERP system, with the click of a button, and without manually duplicating entries in multiple applications, ultimately streamlining your payment delivery. Our customizable integration options are designed to support Sage Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations, but can be tailored to others, in addition to your own proprietary ERP system.

Reduce time spent on manual lifting

  • Eliminate manual double entries while processing and reconciling payments

  • Access robust validation and comprehensive reporting tools

  • Configurable user permissions to collaborate effectively, with transparency and control

  • Filter the invoices to be pulled from your ERP system, excluding individual payments from booking after the import if desired, then approve or reject individual payments

  • Update payment files in your ERP with a seamless upload

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