Integrated Payments

Our subject matter experts enable our partners to create, integrate, service, and scale a world-class currency and payments offering.

Global Payments Integrated Payments in Corpay.
Global Payments Integrated Payments in Corpay.
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Connect to global payment gateways

We partner with a range of companies across various industry segments to help solve the unique challenges of processing cross-border payments. Our expertise across a range of disciplines, including regulatory and compliance matters, will quickly connect you to global payment gateways using best practice security protocols.

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Comprehensive global payments delivery

Whether you are looking to embed our capabilities into your services, or create your own world-class global payouts product, we have the experts to help you navigate a host of workflows and integrated payments options to connect you to one of the industry’s most comprehensive global payments delivery gateway.

On your journey towards creating, selling, enabling and servicing a global payments offering, use our extensive global payments reach to confidently market to a more select niche of clients.

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In-country payment delivery in 117 countries


  • Deliver local direct deposit capability in 34+ currencies to 89 countries and counting

  • Same-day payment delivery in 10 currencies spanning over 25 countries

  • Easily scale your current and future portfolio of clients with flexible onboarding options

  • Monetize global spend to commercialize the cross-border payments flow that exists within your network

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  • Access a spectrum of integration options to connect with our entire suite of product solutions and market-leading delivery capabilities

  • RESTful API driven suite of solutions designed to seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem to increase productivity, enhance user experience (UX), and scale for future client growth and acquisition

  • Seamless beneficiary build, bulk currency acquisition and payment execution through straight file or API connectivity

Corpay delivers payment integration services to our clients with care.

Service and Expertise

  • Dedicated subject matter experts provide 24/6 service continuity for globally positioned clientele

  • Initial project and ad-hoc technical support to demonstrate and help you navigate a wide spectrum of integration options as your business scales and evolves

  • Support and service delivered with a deep understanding of your business needs and aligned within your own customized set of requirements

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Are you a FinTech or Enterprise Software provider?

Create a global payouts product and engineer a unique user experience, or leverage our Affiliate Referral program.

Our experienced team is actively serving the following industries:

  • Affiliate & network marketing

  • eCommerce & marketplace

  • Expense management

  • Commission & rebate payouts

  • Technology platforms

  • Neobanks and the overall Fintech community

  • ERP, accounting & core banking platforms

  • AP/Invoice automation & P2P

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