Fast-Track Payments

Fast-Track Payments is designed to support organizations in managing their cashflow, processing an FX payment as early as same-day, and settling with Corpay up to 28 days in the future.

Enable early release of payments to vendors

Sometimes cash inflows and outflows don’t align. You may have an invoice to pay before you receive payment from your clients. You may be investing in equipment and services to help your business grow, which can temporarily tighten cash-on-hand. In these cases, paying your overseas suppliers early could help improve your business relationships and allow you to take advantage of payment discounts.

Fast-Track Payments is designed to help you scale revenue growth and build shareholder value by allowing you to make your payments in advance. Deferred settlement can also help minimize debt loads, free up lines of credit to fuel expansion, and otherwise improve overall cashflow efficiency.

Free up cash and accelerate payment cycles

  • Harness potential supplier discounts for early payment (from 7 to 28 days early)

  • Increase suppliers' confidence in you as a business partner

  • Minimize the effect of a misaligned cashflow between outgoing and incoming payments

  • Free up cashflow for business growth without impacting day to day operations

  • Optimize inflows and outflows so that you can maximize cash on hand

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