Intercompany Netting Solutions

Corpay’s Netting Manager allows you to reap the benefits of intercompany netting while avoiding the expense of an outsourced solution.

Intercompany Netting Solutions by Corpay
Intercompany Netting Solutions by Corpay
Cross border payment by Corpay

A cornerstone of centralized treasury function

Our proprietary solution, which includes access to robust reporting, allows companies to arrange settlement among subsidiaries in a corporate group, summing and converting each entity's payments into a single local-currency amount to pay to or receive from the netting center. You can also use the aggregated information to apply a currency risk management solution, mitigating the exposure associated with your netting. Secure, efficient, and designed as self-service, Netting Manager by Corpay can help you free up your internal resources to focus on other tasks.

  • Bring structure and discipline to intercompany settlement processes

  • Consolidate transactions and calculate settlements

  • Reduce transaction fees and FX conversion costs

  • Improve cash flow forecasting

  • Bring to light previously unnoticed currency exposures

  • Improve internal operating efficiency

  • Reduce credit and/or settlement risk

  • Manage cash around the organization

  • Pay affiliates or third parties

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