Forward Contracts

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Using forward contracts to hedge currency risk

The most common currency risk management tools, forward contracts, enable you to buy or sell one currency against another at an agreed rate, with a defined future date on which to settle. Forwards can smooth out short-term earnings volatility, protect your earnings per share by hedging your balance sheet, and protect the value of your assets and liabilities denominated in foreign currencies.

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With our FX forwards contracts, you can take advantage of:

  • Booking forward contracts on a single- or multiple-basis on our online trading platform, where you can also independently drawdown from your forwards

  • Open forwards, which are used for buying and selling currencies that are date-sensitive, but offer the flexibility of an “open” time period in which to settle

  • Fixed forwards, which tend to be used for buying or selling currencies when the delivery of the funds is date-sensitive, as the transaction completes on a specified date

  • Window forwards, which allow you to settle at any time during a specified period, or window, when the exchange rate seems more favourable

  • Non-deliverable forwards, which are net-cash settled on the value date, and where there is no exchange of principal amounts, but where the value is instead marked to market and the difference exchanged in the base currency

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