Payments for Private Clients

Simple, secure and trusted money transfers 

Competitive exchange rates

Corpay's Private Client division offers a suite of flexible solutions specifically tailored to private individuals in the UK and Europe. Whether you’re buying your dream home in the sun, transferring a pension, paying school fees or just making general maintenance payments, Corpay gives you access to competitive rates of exchange coupled with unrivalled personal service. 

Essential features and benefits

  • Save money by reducing transaction costs and harnessing competitive FX rates 

  • Arranging your currency transaction is simple and fast  

  • Standard spot transactions can usually be completed same- business day or next-business day  

  • Take advantage of regular payments, orders, or forward contracts  

  • Free and non-obligatory registration process 

  • Suitable solutions for regular overseas transfers or one-off purchases

Make simple, secure and trusted money transfers

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Selling overseas

For those who already live abroad and wish to transfer funds back home, the currency you deal with locally will need to be exchanged into your home currency. The solutions we offer make this easy to accomplish. We all know there are cultural differences in dealing with banks and businesses overseas. Our knowledge and experience in the overseas markets mean your payments home won’t become time consuming and stress inducing.

Buying Overseas

The purchase process overseas can often take several months, but Corpay can help take some of the stress out of managing your budget by notifying you of market movements and delivering a solution that allows you to best take advantage of exchange rates. We also know that flexibility is of great importance, and we always strive to keep your purchase as efficient and cost effective as possible, while ensuring the process remains clear and concise.

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