Global payments. Simplified.

At Corpay, we make global payments local, simplifying the way you connect with the global marketplace and making it easy for your business to move money virtually anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a small business managing a growing supply chain and roster of partners or a multinational looking to keep up with real-time demands, world-class trading platform and integrated payment solutions can be customised to your unique business requirements.

Global payment solutions by Corpay
Global payment solutions by Corpay

Payments in a few simple clicks

Step 1:
Get a Quote

Select a currency, get a quote, and our real-time market connection provides pricing

Step 2:
Purchase Liquidity

Select the amount, and gain visibility and transparency into the conversion before booking your deal.

Step 3:
Prepare Your Payment

Select your payee(s) to validate their banking information and verify their local regulatory and compliance requirements.

Step 4:
Send Your Payment

The payment will be sent via our extensive network of the latest payment rails, your payee will be notified, and you will gain access to customised reporting tools.

Powering Cross-Border payments, seamlessly

Integrated Payments

As your trusted partner, we help solve the challenges of processing payments, enabling you to create, integrate, service, and scale a world-class currency and payments offering.

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Our highly scalable and modern platform takes care of the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on the services you need today and add capabilities and solutions as your business grows.

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Emerging Markets

Our solution to reach emerging markets helps you complete the last mile of your currency transfers seamlessly, helping you unlock the potential of frontier markets for your business.

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Global payment systems: wire transfer services delivered by Corpay

Personalized and dedicated customer service alongside our technology platform

  • Extensive data validation: Banking and regulatory requirements for all payees you can pay through us are validated prior to sending payments to reduce the risk of errors and exceptions

  • Multi-currency holding balances: Optimise your treasury practices and reduce currency exposure by maintaining a balance in multiple currencies

  • Downstream Entity Management via API: Easily manage business or individual clients and their transactions through an extension of our UI's full suite of capabilities

Cross border: money transfer solutions by Corpay

Completing cross-border payments doesn’t have to be complicated

  • Multi-enterprise model: Streamline accounts payable within globally distributed subsidiaries and business units

  • Customise your payment workflows: Tailor your payment workflow to accommodate payment approvals while helping you create and maintain control measures

  • Execute mass payments: Make mass payments using our file integration process or import payments directly from your ERP system to save time and resources, while minimising processing errors


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Global payments, made local

With settlement options to more than 200 countries in over 145 currencies, we help get your payment to its destination in a timely fashion for full value. Find the most commonly settled currency in each country:

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