How can expense management help your business?

From dynamic, paperless reimbursements to streamlined review and approval processes, our ExpenseTrack app empowers your business with mobile-friendly tools designed for the way you work. Experience improved organization, enhanced visibility, and effortless tracking, and make every expense an opportunity for efficiency. Corpay's Expense Management solution is seamlessly integrated into the cloud-based Corpay Complete platform. This centralized hub offer a user-friendly interface, cutting-edge software, and comprehensive automation.

An all-in-one solution with on-the-go visibility

Corpay's ExpenseTrack app can help your business achieve 100% paperless reporting, so you can make costly, manual processes a thing of the past.


Mobile app


Paperless processing


Fraud reduction


Customized reporting


ERP integrations

Mobile app

Enhance efficiency with on-the-go reporting, coding, approval, and reconciliation.

  • Streamline workflows with auto-image matching and OCR technology, saving time by automatically matching receipts to card transactions

  • Empower employees with customizable mobile tools tailored to their work preferences

  • Utilize the Google Maps plug-in to automatically determine miles traveled, simplifying tracking and ensuring accurate reimbursement calculations

Paperless processing

Experience cost savings and heightened efficiency with end-to-end paperless processes.

  • Transition seamlessly to a digital workflow, eliminating expenses associated with physical documentation, printing, and storage

  • Streamline the documentation process by mitigating the need for physical receipts and paperwork

  • Expedite expense approvals and reduce processing times with automated reporting – which doesn’t require a data feed

Fraud reduction

Enable program managers to strengthen payment protection and fraud detection with real-time transaction information.

  • Facilitate quicker employee reimbursement processes with direct approval of all transactions

  • Empower administrators with real-time visibility, allowing them to monitor and manage expenses promptly and effectively

  • Implement customizable spend controls to prevent unauthorized expenditures and ensure financial compliance and security

Customized reporting

Explore a range of customizable reports tailored to include user information, with the flexibility for sellers to recommend reports based on their specific needs.

  • Allocate card purchases to designated expense categories, including GLs, jobs, equipment, and business units, ensuring accurate financial tracking

  • Expedite the review, approval, and reconciliation of reports with streamlined administrative workflows

  • Receive and review all reports in real time with no waiting periods

ERP integrations

Seamlessly integrate expense management into your existing systems with our user-friendly solutions, which require minimal IT involvement.

  • Implement our flexible, ERP-agnostic integrations and eliminate the need to research new providers and platforms

  • Experience easy-to-use API integrations, empowering your business with seamless connectivity across systems

  • Leverage our dedicated, in-house integration team to ensure a smooth process

Easy as 1, 2, 3 for them and you


Open App

From mobile, cardholder selects “Capture Receipt”


Photograph Receipts

Cardholder captures receipt images through app and attaches receipt to card transaction



Cardholder submits expense report and receipt images are automatically attached


Open App

From mobile, approver selects “Approval Tasks”


Review Transactions

Approver reviews the report, image, coding, total, line items, and additional approvers


Approve Expense Report

Once approved, expense items are included in export to ERP for reconciliation

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