Virtual Card

Secure, simple, single-use

Corpay Virtual Card eliminates paper-based processes, which reduces payment costs, enhances security, and minimizes fraud risk. Alongside unlimited monthly rebates that directly benefit your bottom line, you can use our flexible payment terms and funding options to boost your working capital.

Automate your business’s transactions with Corpay Payments Automation to further streamline your payments process.

An industry leader in digital payments

#1 B2B commercial Mastercard® issuer in North America

$36B in virtual card payments processed annually, 30% of all virtual Mastercard volume

3.8M vendors in our virtual card network

Virtual payments, tangible benefits 

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Monetize payments with flexible terms and discounts

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Gain visibility by shifting 1099 reporting on vendor card payments

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Improve efficiency with straightforward, intuitive processing

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Enhance payment security and mitigate fraud risk

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Maximize card spend with our expansive vendor network

$800M+ in rebates

paid to customers annually

2-3x vendor enrollment

vs rate industry-wide

Save $26 per transaction

over a traditional check payment

Submit and review; skip the in-between

VC Workflow
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Readily available, in-house experts

Implementation and Setup

We can set up your virtual credit card program in as little as two weeks. An in-house project manager and specialist team will integrate our system into your existing accounting software.

Vendor Enrollment

Setting up vendors for card payments is part of Corpay’s comprehensive service. We make calls, gather data, and enroll vendors throughout the life of your program. Our dedicated teams enroll vendors at two to three times the average industry rate.

PayForYou Service

Some vendors only accept credit card payments online or by phone. Corpay specialists submit these payments for you to free up more of your time, eliminate more checks, and increase rebate revenue.

Ongoing Support and Service

At Corpay, we partner with clients to build payment programs. We build and maintain our technology and process card transactions in-house, so we can offer faster service and provide assistance when you need it.


“This partnership provides greater access to global payment options so our customers can build positive-sum growth amongst their company, employees, customers and suppliers.”

Steve Smith

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