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The 2022 Global Payments Survey Report

underwritten by Corpay and powered by Strategic Treasurer

Uncover payment challenges and payment trends, plus get a forecast of what’s most pressing for the future of payments in The 2022 Global Payments Survey, underwritten by Corpay and powered by Strategic Treasurer. Dive into the world of payments from the perspective of AP and treasury professionals, and gain a clearer understanding of where those professionals see room for growth. This comprehensive survey covers topics from payment innovation concerns to cross-border payments. If you’re in the world of payables, this is a must-read.

  • Top payment challenges: multiple systems and security fraud management
  • Payment innovation concerns: Keeping up with the evolution of payments
  • Top importance for payment operations: Cost and in-country payment speed
  • Three to five year technology impacts in payments: API Libraries, not blockchain
  • Bank view of corporate priority: API over faster payment schemes
  • So much more…


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