Gain visibility and reduce risk, virtually

Limitless digital payments with maximum return


Corpay Virtual Card keeps you in control of your payments process. Our single-use virtual Mastercards® enable you to spend secure payments to your suppliers while maintaining treasury flexibility and eliminating costly workflows.

  • Earn consistent return on your vendor payments with unlimited monthly rebates

  • Mitigate fraud risk with single-use card numbers along with secure collection, verification, storage, and management of all vendor payment data

  • Save money by eliminating time-consuming, paper-based workflows

  • Strengthen your rebate return with our expert vendor team, who campaign continuously for full enrollment of all your vendors

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#1 Mastercard® issuer of large-market commercial cards in North America


virtual card vendors

Virtual Card Vendors

2-3x industry average

Experience the Corpay Difference

We pioneered virtual cards
with Mastercard®
We process over 30% of Mastercard® virtual card volume, and our annual virtual card spend is over $36B

We help you
eliminate costs
Put money back in your wallet with an average savings of $26 per virtual card transaction over traditional check payments

We empower you
with robust controls
From setting spending limits to effective dates, we help you control your purchasing with accurate, on-time transactions

We enroll your vendors
to maximize card spend
Our vendor team continuously targets 100% of your AP file and specifically incentivizes your top-spend vendors to accept virtual payments

“I am a fan of ‘free money,’ and these programs are exactly that! It’s free money in the form of rebates on money we were already spending, but the time it frees up for our administrative staff is also a huge value. Corpay (formerly Comdata) is truly the best one-stop-shop for construction firms.”

Mark Ames