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Streamlined reporting and reconciliation for all industries


Corpay ExpenseTrack solution - paired with Corpay Mastercard® - enables 100% paperless expense reporting. Manage expenses quickly and easily while enjoying consistent bottom-line savings. 

  • Optimize your expense reporting with remote coding, approval, and reconciliation from any device

  • Submit expenses quickly and frequently with no fees per expense report

  • Set customizable controls, including specific limits, approval requirements, and access levels for Corpay Mastercard cardholders

  • Centralize all transaction records and reporting with our ability to code to your current GL

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#1 Mastercard® issuer of large-market commercial cards in North America

$800MM Rebates

paid annually

Avg Savings of $19.48

per expense report

Experience the digital difference

Comprehensive app
Our app integrates with Google Maps and is GPS-enabled for easy mileage reimbursement, and our mobile-image receipt capture pairs receipts to expenses

Leverage our
automatic discounts
Benefit from nationwide T&E discounts, including savings on every gallon of fuel within the Corpay discount network

Save money with electronic
reporting and billing flexibility
Enjoy prefunded or monthly payment terms and credit line options, along with an average savings of $19.78 per expense report

Feel secure with
our clear controls
Customize management of your transactions, including SMS approval alerts on your mobile device

“This is just extra. It is what it is. I started off each month saying we paid for this clerk, we paid for this clerk. And by the end of this, I’m paying for my entire department because of rebates"

Teri Tocash