Quantify currency exposure, identify potential risk and create a hedging policy.

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Protect your bottom line

Quantifying your foreign exchange exposures on an ongoing basis and developing a hedging strategy to mitigate risk from changing exposures can be a challenge. Currency volatility or unexpected market movements can negatively impact your bottom line. Disparate systems, volatile market conditions, and unfamiliar markets can increase the complexity.

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Our C.A.S.E. Process

Our C.A.S.E. process can help you quantify currency exposure, identify potential risk and create a hedging policy. It can also help you assess your current policy and optimize market entry:

  • Capture foreign currency exposures

  • Analyze your Currency Risk and assess risk appetite

  • Strategize to develop a hedging policy and approach aligned to your unique business needs

  • Execute a dynamic hedging strategy that helps you achieve your business goals

Get started with a customized currency risk analysis

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  • A dynamic hedging policy may provide assistance in optimizing market entry on an ongoing basis

  • Our approach couples technical analysis and modelling with an individualized approach

  • We help you implement a strategy tailored to your business goals and risk appetite

  • Your strategy can be flexible and adapt to changing market conditions as well as your needs

  • Powerful, adaptable, and cost-effective technology tools supported by qualitative analysis

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