Expansive Payment Delivery

Emerging markets are home to some of the most dynamic companies in the world but completing local currency payments to these markets can be a challenge. Barriers can include less-accessible financial infrastructure, localised regulations and ambiguous currency exchange rates, to name just a few.

Digital Payment Systems for Emerging Market by Corpay
Digital Payment Systems for Emerging Market by Corpay
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Long track record of success

At Corpay, our FX Emerging Markets team has more than 25 years of experience

Providing organisations with a solution to reach emerging and frontier markets. We can help you complete the last mile of your currency transfers seamlessly to help you unlock the potential of emerging and frontier markets for your business.

We excel in exotic markets

Transact in more than 130 exotics

Common challenges

  • Limited access with many Tier-1 banks re-focusing on core markets

  • Highly regulated

  • Strict protocols that vary by country

  • Audit, money laundering & privacy controls

Global payment network by Corpay | emerging market transactions

Complete payments in almost any market

While some organisations can make payments to select corridors, we have an established network and systems to complete payments in almost any market. We lean on our experience, award-winning straight-through processing technology and strong local market presence to ensure your payments are made simply and efficiently while helping you watch your bottom line.

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Strong local market presence and diverse capabilities

  • Deep in-country experience on foreign exchange regulations and market analysis on illiquid, exotic currency markets

  • Ability to operate as a local market participant

  • Dedicated operational and investigations support to ensure seamless payment processing

  • Responsive exception handling, executing and completing investigations in a timely manner

  • Market-making capabilities that ensure best in class liquidity along with consistency of pricing

  • Support for a range of payment needs, from small remittances to significant sums required to complete M&A transactions

  • Transparent quotes and prices

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