Improve overall efficiency and accuracy of AP workflows

The future of B2B payments is here, and Corpay Payments Automation is the key to your business's success. Ensure your payments stay competitive in our evolving digital world with automation that provides greater control over your cash flow, real-time spending insights, and rebates that significantly boost your bottom line.

Modernize your AP processes with our cutting-edge technology, and don't let paper hold you back. Our in-house experts ensure seamless implementation with intelligent, ERP-agnostic integration.

Full Cycle Payment Automation

Eliminate expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone payment processes. Our full cycle payments automation streamlines transactions while offering real-time visibility, which helps businesses take control of cash flow and risk management.

  • Initiate 100% of your payment approval and execution workflows through our user-friendly interface

  • Reduce processing costs with comprehensive foreign and domestic payments via different payment types, including check, wire, ACH, virtual card, and more

  • Approve payments 2-3x faster with customizable, streamlined workflows

  • Transmit secure payments by designing automatic approval workflows that match your company’s policies

  • Benefit from convenience and easily approve multiple payments with just a few clicks using Corpay’s grid format

  • Improve cash flow management by making single-workflow payments in real time

  • Seamlessly integrate with all banks and ERPs

  • Smoothly transition to payments automation with a dedicated, in-house team that offers personalized service and expedited implementation

Secure, simple, single-use

Corpay Virtual Card eliminates paper-based processes, which reduces payment costs, enhances security, and minimizes fraud risk. Alongside unlimited monthly rebates that directly benefit your bottom line, you can use our flexible payment terms and funding options to boost your working capital.

Automate your business’s transactions with Corpay Payments Automation to further streamline your payments process.

An industry leader in digital payments

  • #1 B2B commercial Mastercard® issuer in North America

  • $36B in virtual card payments processed annually, 30% of all virtual Mastercard volume

  • 3.8M vendors in our network

Virtual payments, tangible benefits


Monetize payments with flexible terms and discounts


Gain visibility by shifting 1099 reporting on vendor card payments


Improve efficiency with straightforward, intuitive processing


Enhance payment security and mitigate fraud risk


Maximize card spend with our expansive vendor network

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Explore additional capabilities and features that markedly simplify your AP workflows. With a strong vendor portal and extensive options for end-to-end automation, Corpay AP & Invoice Automation will modernize the way your AP team pays vendors.