Stay ahead of changes in the foreign exchange markets

We will work to develop a deep understanding of how your business operates and help you execute a strategy that reduces foreign exchange exposure, potentially enhancing participation in favourable moves – and ultimately puts a foundation in place for global growth.

Currency risk management for corporates by Corpay
Currency risk management for corporates by Corpay
Manage FX risk for corporates by Corpay | spot transcations

We help you:

  • Reduce Risk: Utilise a wide range of hedging tools – including deliverable and non-deliverable forwards, swaps, and option strategies – to protect earnings amid changing markets and evolving business conditions.

  • Retain Flexibility: Settle trades in deliverable or cash terms, deliver early or extend contracts as market conditions change, and business needs evolve.

  • Maximise Participation: Leverage a wide range of option contract strategies to protect against adverse currency changes, while providing potential participation in favourable exchange rate moves.

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