E-Verify services are currently unavailable due to a lapse in government funding.

While E-Verify is unavailable, employers will not be able to access their E-Verify accounts to:

  • Enroll in E-Verify;
  • Create an E-Verify case;
  • View or take action on any case;
  • Add, delete or edit any user account;
  • Reset passwords;
  • Edit company information;
  • Terminate accounts; and
  • Run reports.

Also, employees will be unable to resolve E-Verify Tentative Nonconfirmations (TNCs).

E-Verify Policies Implemented to Minimize Impact

E-Verify’s unavailability may have a significant impact on employer operations.  To minimize the burden on both employers and employees, the following policies have been implemented:

  • The “three-day rule” for creating E-Verify cases is suspended for cases affected by the unavailability of E-Verify.
  • The time period during which employees may resolve TNCs will be extended.  The number of days E-Verify is not available will not count toward the days the employee has to begin the process of resolving their TNCs.

Form I-9 Requirements Remain in Effect

The lapse in government appropriations does not affect Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification requirements.  Employers must still complete Form I-9 no later than the third business day after an employee starts work for pay, and comply with all other Form I-9 requirements.

More Information
Corporate Payroll Services is an E-Verify Employer Agent, authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to verify the workforce in all 50 states.  For our clients utilizing our E-verify Employer Agent Services, we will verify your new employees’ eligibility to work in the U.S. as soon as the service becomes available.

For more information on our E-Verify Employer Agent Services, please click here.

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